Hunter Hollow Bunny Bed & Breakfast

is a New York State incorporated and IRS approved 501-c-3 non-profit volunteer run organization. All money raised by Hunter Hollow goes to support the animals. Donations to Hunter Hollow are tax-exempt. Hunter Hollow is also a New York State licensed and inspected small animal wildlife rehabilitation center.

Annie-Laurie Hunter, Owner/Operator of Hunter Hollow Bunny B&B and NYS Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator

Hunter Hollow Bunny B&B provides care and services for feral domestic rabbits. After years as a  bunny foster, Annie-Laurie decided her time and efforts would be better used by expanding to become a formal rescue. Hunter Hollow Bunny B&B came about in 2017.

Rabbits make great pets for many people. Sadly, as with other pets of all kinds, bunnies are not for everyone. Needs change, families move, or that sweet little “Easter Bunny” chews through a phone cord and suddenly they are unwanted.  That’s where Hunter Hollow Bunny B&B steps in. With her B&B hat on, Annie- Laurie provides an adoption service for neutered domestic rabbits in the Central New York Area.  At any given time, she will have 15 + bunnies in care, all waiting for a loving home. Some bunnies are in short term care as they come to the rescue well cared for, neutered and with good social skills. Others are not so lucky, coming in with health problems ranging from obesity to abscesses and neurological deficits.

No matter the issue, Annie-Laurie and Hunter Hollow volunteers work tirelessly to help everybunny be as healthy and social as possible so that they can find that perfect home and a loving family. As a 501 c 3, Hunter Hollow is a not-for-profit rescue and is supported solely by donations and small grants. Check out Hunter Hollow Bunny B&B on Facebook for the latest (virtual) bunny events – look for our yearly music festival “Bunnstock” on Labor Day Weekend.

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Annie-Laurie has been a NYS Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator since 2016. This Certification allows Annie-Laurie to respond to injured or orphaned wildlife 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Calls come from many sources; families that find an abandoned baby bunny nest, dog owners whose pup left a “gift” squirrel on the porch and even utility workers that find a dead opossum with babies in her pouch.

Wildlife Rehabilitation is multi-dimensional. Annie-Laurie has become an expert in tube feeding 30 gram baby opossums, treating wounded baby bunnies and finding ways to care for and nurture the little ones while maintaining their wild nature. However tempting it might be to cuddle a baby opossum, it’s vital to support their inborn fear of humans. Not all humans are kind to wildlife.

Rehabbing is also not for the faint of heart. There are too many instances when a little creature does not survive or is so ill that euthanasia is the only humane treatment. Such is the depth of compassion a Wildlife Rehabber has to have; accepting the heartache that can accompany parts of this calling.

As a Wildlife Rehabber, all of the expenses for feeding, medicating, housing and vet care are out of pocket. There are no NYS resources to support Wildlife Rehabbers and grants and donations are few and far between. Rehabbing is truly a labor of love.